Forever 21

As the days get shorter and the temps start to drop we all find ways to layer our outfits and still keep style in mind. Forever 21 men has helped me out by offering longline flannels that I can add a layer too and button up leave open to showcase the perfect vintage band tee. Another trend that has seemed to come back around and has made its mark is tie-dye and the hoodie that Forever 21 provided offers the perfect mix of street style and comfort. Layered over the hoodie is the Michael Kors cashmere blend camel trench coat. After grabbing a latte from Central Coffee I strolled the local neighborhood and made friends with a street cat who just couldnt get enough of my vibe. In addition to these great offerings by Forever 21 men I am featuring my everyday go to Topman skinny black jeans and Adidas caged ultraboost and the Nike Airforce 1's.