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This blog has been a long time coming and today is the perfect day to post it. Rewind to this time two years ago. I was working part time as a stylist for J.Crew at Southpark Mall here in Charlotte, NC and was just starting to get into the wide world of social media. As I ventured around the city to keep up with what the local shops were carrying for their menswear I stumbled into The Sporting Gent one day and noticed a rack of local shirts and blazers being made with a little mason jar on the pocket and then noticed the brand name Ole Mason Jar. I was immediately intrigued and ended up running into Brad Rhyne and Filipe Ho who are the owners of OMJ and chatted with them about what they offered. From that moment I started telling any and everyone I encountered looking for a suit or better fitting shirts.

Fast forward one and a half years or so. Ole Mason Jar has opened its own store front in Latta Arcade in uptown Charlotte and is having a successful season. They contact me to let me know that they have had a few referrals come in on my recommendation and I am super stoked! Tessa Machen a new and upcoming local blogger reaches out and says that she has spoken with Brad and Filipe of OMJ and they are getting into the custom game big time and even launching womens wear. Collaborative shoot to showcase the happening?? We think so!

Tessa took the reigns and built up a solid crew for this shoot with photographer Chris Zimmerman, videographer Ro Young, and Creative Director Tim Bogert. The vibe was so creative and chill it was infectious.

Now to the good stuff for you shoppers.... when you go to Ole Mason Jars website to shop or book an appointment Get 10% OFF your total order when you use code Chadisrad10. So, spend $500 and use the $50 you saved to grab a cocktail and a snack at the incredilbe Baku restaurant. Go here to make your appointment or e-mail me at williamchadwhittington@gmail.com, and don’t forget to enter code, Chadisrad10, to save you some dolla bills!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good day!


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