Concrete Jungle

Even when its your day off and you're lounging around in your sweats, why not do it with some style? Touring for years I know first hand that you never know where you might go or who you might run into. This year I think we can all agree we have seen a large cross over with fitness and street wear and I am definitely not hating on that. The 3/4 cropped Adidas Originals Sport Luxe Fleece jogger set is probably one of the comfiest materials I have come across in that mix. With a slimmer fit and ribbed gussets it allows me to move all over and lounge to the max. I paired the jogger set with an uncaged pair of Adidas Ultraboosts that have become my new daily go to shoes not only for the style but for the comfort. The hoodie is short sleeved so as the chill set in I threw on my Control Sector Core Fishtail Jacket to shield me from the brisk wind that was picking up. Then I jumped into the Nike Tech Fleece pant and hoodie paired with Nike Air Huaraches and a BAPE signature camo hat to climb the walls of the deck. I do have to admit that I prefer the Nike Tech Fleece over the Adidas Originals Sport Luxe Fleece.

After playing around in the parking deck Megan and I headed into uptown to another spot to catch the sunsetting on the city in a Jeff Davis shirt sporting his ALWAYS SAD heart design. Jeff is one of the resident artists at the new tattoo shop right outside of uptown in the Noda area named Coast to Coast. Its owned by Mikey Holmes and is also home to Nathan Fish and Will King. Give them a look and get something RAD!